Evil Eye Meaning

What Does the Evil Eye Mean?

The Evil Eye is a superstitious belief in jealous, malicious, or envious looks that some people can cast on others, bringing bad luck. Originating in the Mediterranean, it is popular in the Middle East and South Asia and is also known as the "Evil Eye Curse," the "Envying Eye," and the "Envy Curse." It is said to bring misfortune, depression, illness, and even death to its victims, yet it is also thought to bring good luck, health, and fortune to those who possess it.

The symbol of the Evil Eye is widely depicted in various forms of artwork, such as jewelry, paintings, sculptures, and other decorative items. It can be found adorning Evil Eye Nails, Evil Eye Rings, Evil Eye Earrings, Evil Eye Necklaces, Evil Eye Bracelets, and more. These pieces serve as protective talismans believed to ward off the detrimental effects of the Evil Eye.

If you are in a streak of bad luck in love, business or daily life, why not buy yourself a blue Evil Eye (NazarBoncuk) to break the curse? Which is said to ward off envy, jealousy, misfortune and unhappiness, and which is one of the oldest Turkish souvenirs in history.

What is the Origin of the Evil Eye?

Origin of the Evil Eye

In Turkish folklore, there is a legend about a massive rock that stood by the sea in a small village for many years. This rock was so huge that it could not be moved or broken by the strength of a hundred men. One day, a man believed to be carrying evil spirits passed by the village and saw the stone. He was amazed and exclaimed, "Oh my God, such a big stone!"

Immediately after he spoke, there was a loud boom, and the miraculous stone cracked and split in half. The villagers believed that the power of the evil spirits and the boulder counteracted each other, and that the stone's function was fulfilled. It is said that this legend may be the origin of the Evil Eye.

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What Does the Evil Eye Look Like?

The traditional Evil Eye is a glass item, characterized by a circular shape in either light or dark blue glass, with a white dot at the center and a black drop forming the shape of an eye, hence its name. However, there are numerous variations available, such as those embedded in various shells, water droplet-shaped, heart-shaped, and more. These items can take on the form of Necklaces, Bracelets, Pendants, Keychains, Plates, and other Decorative items.

evil eye

Aside from being a highly sought-after souvenir, many Turkish people also believe in the protective powers of the Evil Eye and place them in their Cars, Homes, Offices, and even on their collars as a form of talisman. These items are believed to provide protection against the negative energy that can be directed towards a person by others.

In conclusion, the Evil Eye is a widely recognized symbol in Turkish culture, and it serves as both a decorative item and a protective talisman.

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Where does the Bad Energy of the Evil Eye Come From?

Bad Energy of the Evil Eye

Generally speaking, this harmful energy comes mainly from the envious gaze or stare of others. For example, when you are getting engaged, you may have friends who are jealous; or when you are promoted, your colleagues may be unhappy that you are earning more money than them. In these situations, you may need an Evil Eye to help you counter the negative energy. In short, the Turkish Eye is the perfect gift on occasions such as birth, wedding, buying a new house & car or starting a new business. Some Turks take this concept seriously while others doubt it, yet the Evil Eye(NazarBoncugu) is still being used. The wearer may think that it is better to be safe than sorry!

Artisans of the Evil Eye of Turkey.

Artisans of the Evil Eye of Turkey

In Turkey, craftsmen who make Evil Eyes, known as Cesmi-iBulbul, are particularly famous in the Aegean region of Izmir, especially in the villages of Gorece and Kurudere. The craftsmen sit in front of a fairly large burning furnace and use a large rod to soften the glass and then shape it into the desired shape. Color is added by using the oxides of various metals. Each craftsman has his own method of handcrafting and unique colors, usually passed down from generation to generation in their Turkish family.

What is the Symbol of the Evil Eye?

Symbol of the Evil Eye

Do not think that the allure of the blue eye is just a fashionable marketing concept. Its origins can be traced back to a long timeline in history and the Turks have a strong belief in the Evil Eye in their daily life. Like an Amulet or talisman, you will also see the blue eye in Greece and some Middle Eastern countries. The Turks believed the "Evil Eye" would absorb any harmful energy, thus providing protection to the wearer. If the demon was eliminated or destroyed, the protective glasses would crack, suggesting the danger had passed.

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What do the Different Colors of the Evil Eye Mean?

The evil eye is believed to protect against negative energies, so the colors of the evil eye can vary based on the type of protection it is meant to provide.

Different Colors of the Evil Eye

The colors of the evil eye are often interpreted differently depending on the culture. In some cultures, Blue is believed to ward off evil forces and protect against jealousy. Red is believed to bring good luck and health. White is thought to bring spiritual protection. While Green is associated with prosperity. Black is believed to bring protection against curses and other dark forces.

Here are some effects of Evil Eye in different colors:

  • Orange Evil Eye: Brings Joy and Security; Inspiration to Persevere; Increase Creativity and Fun.
  • Dark Blue Evil Eye: Shield from Misfortune and Destiny; Calm and Relaxation; Unrestricted Exchange of Ideas.
  • Light Blue Evil Eye: Guard from the Unfamiliar; Broadening Your Perspective; Solitude and Peace.
  • Dark Green Evil Eye: Attracting Contentment; Steadiness in Your Life; Liberty to Experiment.
  • Purple Evil Eye: Stimulate Imagination; Regain Equilibrium; Overcome Difficulties.
  • Brown Evil Eye: Protection from Nature; Bond with Mother Nature; Neatness and Tradition.
  • Red Evil Eye: Gives Courage; More Excitement and Energy; Protection from Fear and Anxiety.
  • Yellow or Gold Evil Eye: Guard Your Health; Relief from Tiredness; Sharpen Mental Acuity.
  • Pink Evil Eye: Keep Companionship Safe; Harmony; Bliss and Serenity.
  • White Evil Eye: Purity and Focus; Clear out Blocks and Obstacles; Fresh Start.
  • Light Green Evil Eye: Accomplishing Goals; Satisfaction and Fulfillment; Good Health.
  • Grey Evil Eye: Defending against Grief; Adaptability to New Situations; Reduce Power of Other Colors.
  • Rainbow Evil Eye: All Evil Eye Color Benefits.

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Why is the Evil Eye Usually in Blue?

As for why blue is used, many stories explain it, although none have been confirmed. A typical story is that the sky is blue, signaling a new day. Another story from Middle Eastern countries is that people with blue eyes (in very rare cases) have an extreme power to consciously or unconsciously inflict evil energy on others. Today, creative craftsmen can choose other colors, such as eye-catching turquoise, deep sapphire blue (especially for jewelry), sometimes even Yellow or Green.

How do We Protect Ourself from the Evil Eye?

The question of how to shield oneself from the malevolent gaze is an age-old concern. There are various techniques for safeguarding oneself, and some of the most popular methods include the use of protective amulets like the nazar(a blue Evil Eye Bead), or the hamsa(a hand-shaped pendant with an eye in the center). Additionally, reciting mantras or prayers for protection, as well as burning incense or sage to cleanse and purify one's surroundings, are commonly employed practices.

Protect Ourself from the Evil Eye

To ward off negative energies, other methods may be used, such as sprinkling salt around one's abode or keeping a talisman close at hand. Strengthening one's aura can also be accomplished through the practice of yoga or meditation, as well as through visualization techniques intended to safeguard one's energy. Crystals and gemstones may also be utilized to absorb unfavorable energies.

In addition to the aforementioned techniques, avoiding superstitions and focusing on positive thinking is an important aspect of protecting oneself from the evil eye.

So how can we use an evil eye necklace or amulet to protect ourselves? The following steps can be taken:

  1. Wear the Evil Eye Necklace or Amuletdaily. Wearing an item that signifies protection can assist in remaining vigilant and warding off malevolent influences.
  2. Turn the necklace or amulet into a daily reminder. Every time you catch a glimpse of the item or touch it throughout the day, take a deep breath and trust your intuition.
  3. Position the necklace or amulet in your residence or workspace. A necklace composed of glass or gemstones can be hung on a wall to provide a sense of security and protection.

In conclusion, sharing the gift of protection with loved ones by gifting them an evil eye charm is another way to extend protection to those who matter to you.

How to Choose the Right Evil Eye for You?

Choose the Right Evil Eye

  • Consider the color of your eyes: To ensure optimum protection, you should choose an evil eye charm that harmonizes with your eye color. For example, if your eyes are blue, it is best to choose an evil eye charm in shades of Blue or turquoise.
  • Consider the size of the charm: To ensure optimal protection, you should ensure that the evil eye charm is visible. A charm that is too small or too large may not provide adequate protection.
  • Choose a charm that has strong spiritual significance: Most evil eye charms have some spiritual meaning attached to them. Choose one that resonates with you and your beliefs.
  • Consider the materials used: Many evil eye charms are made from a variety of materials, such as glass, stones, and metals. Choose a material that you feel comfortable wearing. For example, if you are allergic to certain metals, choose an evil eye charm made from stone or glass.

So, if you want to ward off bad negative energy with an Evil Eye (NazarBoncuk), EvilEyeGallery.com has a large collection of these accessories available, due to its wide availability and low prices. You can invest in an Blue Evil Eye to protect yourself from destructive and harmful energy. Jewelry forms include exquisite Necklaces, Pendants, Beads, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, and Anklets. More souvenirs include wall-mounted Evil Eye Home Decorations, Keychains, Pins, and Refrigerator Magnets Stickers. It is a great opportunity to give to your family and friends.

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